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We are a European-based medical and research center of excellence with over a decade of world-wide experience as leading health-care providers and innovators in dementia. In addition to our clinical services and scientific activities, our pharma division also focuses on natural remedies and nutritional support in the field of neuro-psychiatry.

Each Asklepios-Med product is developed by our experts to effectively assist the body in its own normal processes. Moreover, many ingredients of have received some interest as a potential treatment for Alzheimer’s disease and other memory problems. Several trials showed promising results: various studies with a number of the components indicate improved cognitive abilities and behaviors. In addition, very limited and preliminary research suggests that some of the ingredients of may even reduce the risk of dementia in the elderly, however as yet there is little scientific and clinical evidence supporting this.

We at Asklepios-Med are committed to bridging this gap, and will continue to fight against brain diseases. To learn more about our ground-breaking activities, and to help in our battle against cognitive decline, please visit Asklepios-Med group at www.asklepios-med.eu

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